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Each stylist at Eden XO uses their talents, technical abilities & “Lux Skill Set” along with their creative eye to perfect a cut/color just for you!  And guess what, You can’t touch it till you buy it!!!
Trending Now is not always a term applied for everyone. We feel the proportionate measures of ones face and what you tell us about yourself, allows your stylist to best provide the look that you may have never thought possible. Your haircut & color has much to do with the completion of your personal salon portfolio. When adding special color techniques, each stylist utilizes their creativity to paint a canvas that is personally & individually crafted.

*note –  Properly cutting and coloring one’s hair is best left to hair styling Professionals..

haircut 55 / 65 / 85
haircut with Jane 125 and up depending on hair length
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blow-dry & style 30 / 50 / 65  (does not include iron work)
up-syles/braiding 65 / and up,  (price varies with intricacy of design)
iron work only 45 / 60 / 75
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single process 55 / 85
partial hilites 100
half head hilites 145
full head hilites 150 / 195
single process w/partial hilite/lowlite 160 and up
single process w/full hilites/lowlites 240 and up
Various color melanges, ombres’, hair painting, double process, etc., priced by consultation.
Corrective Color priced by consultation based according to time and intricacy.
*Above mentioned hair color services include blowout, yet does NOT include haircut nor additional glaze. Prices may vary according to length of hair.
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Anti-Curl Relaxers 300 and up, .. take home product included
Davines View Gloss  45
Translucent clear shiny gloss 35
Facial Waxing Lip 10 Eyebrow 20
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