When I was in college, I was obsessed with the TV show “The OC.” I will fully admit that I loved the soapiness, the drama, etc…but my favorite part was Marissa’s hair. Every Thursday, I would hunker down on my couch, obsess about whatever they did with her long, gorgeous hair, and then attempt to replicate it for whatever dive bar I was headed out to for the night. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, I could never make it look like hers. My hair was the same length and color but nothing I did could give it that special quality that made hers look so great. And it drove me NUTS!

We see it all the time. Models with these long, full, gorgeous locks, Oscar nominees with updos so full it looks like there could be an animal hiding under there, actresses with hair that’s been bleached to the high heavens, and yet looks as healthy as a child’s.  In addition to money and looks, somehow celebrities have managed to discover the secret to perfect hair. For years, females have had to deal with body image issues based solely on the media, and now it appears we’ve added hair into the mix. Well, fortunately for you guys, I have found out the secret and am here to share: It’s fake.

Extensions, weaves, hair pieces, call them what you want, but they are EVERYWHERE.  And we’re a long way from the Britney Spears glued, hot mess extensions. They are GOOD! Really good. Completely-untraceable-to-the-naked-eye good.  It’s not just for length either, lots of people are getting them simply to add volume and fullness.  I had a friend who actually had fake bangs she could clip on! These days, hair envy isn’t just limited to celebrities. You could be lusting after someone’s fake locks in the grocery store.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t amazing heads of hair out there. Some people really are that lucky. Fortunately for us though, they’re just as likely to be the girl next door as a Victoria’s Secret model. So next time you’re hating on yourself because your hair doesn’t look like Kim Kardashian’s, just remember: hers doesn’t either.
Ms. Serena Morsilli VasletFor all of you who wish you had the length, fullness or whatever it is that your mane is lacking Eden XO is happy to introduce we now have our own Extension Specialist added to our team of hair color and hair design specialists.  Ms. Serena Morsilli Vaslet is now onboard to make all of your extension dreams come true.