It always surprises me how many things brides feel they *have* to do. From the guest list to the favors, weddings have become a huge checklist of societal expectations. While I could write a novel on why favors are absurd (how about the free food and booze as a favor?!), I’m going to focus on the hair. Sometime in the past, probably around the time of petticoats, people decided your hair had to be up to be considered elegant and it stuck. I could not disagree more, and here are some alternate styles to prove it:


Wearing your hair all down can be tricky. Unless you are super chill about how your hair will look in pictures, I usually suggest putting at least a couple pins in there to help hold. This is a good choice for vintage or beachy styles.

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Half Up 

Half up is a great style because you have the hold of an updo while still having the majority of your hair down. There is still some unpredictability with the style, so if your hair falls easily, this may not be for you.

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This is my favorite choice for people who love wearing their hair down but want more detail. The only drawback is that you need to be very aware of the side you are posing on because the side without hair won’t look like much in pictures.

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Braids can totally dress a style up, or give it just the right amount of hold. The pulled apart side ones are so gorgeous, but you can always throw a twist or waterfall braid into a down style to dress it up.


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