Whether prepping for the prom or getting ready to walk down the aisle, there is one common denominator when choosing a hairstyle: your dress. Let us help you navigate the best style matchup for your dress!


Strapless is by far the most versatile when it comes to picking a hairstyle: pretty much anything goes.  The main factor here is no longer the neckline, but the style of dress. Simple can allow for a more elaborate updo to give you a little pizzazz, although there is something to be said for a classic, Audrey Hepburn style chignon paired with a classic dress.  When looking to wear down with a more formal gown, one of the hottest styles floating around the past couple seasons are glam waves.


One shoulder

The most obvious option for a one shoulder dress would be a side ‘do, because it helps balance the style. Before you write it off as being too trendy, there are side styles that are much softer. Leavin the hair down while pulling back one side is a very glamorous look, or having a braid only on one side of a centered updo can give it just enough pop to balance it out.  The one thing to avoid would be having your updo on the same side as your strap. It can result in look thats too heavily focused on one side, which can also be a problem when taking pictures on the other side. All down is also a good option.




This is one of the trickier necklines to work with. While most halter dresses look best with the hair all up (usually higher on the head), don’t be afraid to try something down if the dress calls for it (usually more casual, like a beach wedding). If the halter has somewhat of a plunging neckline, all down can be a very sexy look if the occasion fits (think less family wedding, more night out with the girls), but if the back is open, up is the only way to go.




Generally speaking, dresses with sleeves tend to have a lot of material going on. While leaving hair down isn’t completely off limits, it’s always a safe bet to keep it clean and simple. If you are going to leave it down, keep it simple.