If there is one guarantee with the changing seasons, it’s that most clients are eager to switch up their hair color to flatter their fall persona.  What may have looked awesome with a tan can leave you feeling a little drab with that pale winter skin. Over the next couple weeks we will be featuring different ways to keep up with the seasons.  First up….LOWLIGHTS!!

Lowlights are put in the same way as highlights, but instead of using bleach to lighten the hair, the stylist will use a color to break up the blonde. Though the term “lowlight” gives the impression of using a dark color, it really refers to putting anything in the foils besides bleach.  I prefer to use the client’s natural hair color, as it blends perfectly and looks fab even as it’s growing out.  Your stylist will put the lowlights in simultaneously with the highlights, so it shouldn’t take longer or be more expensive to put in.

It’s important to note that going from light to dark (or dark to light) can be a tough transition; no matter how prepared you think you are for it.  A good way to ease into it is to keep the lightness around your face.  Simply ask the stylist to use bleach in the first couple foils near the hairline to keep that brightness that you’re accustomed to.  This is the best way to maintain the blond you love while giving the rest of your hair a major break.

Lastly, I want to mention that while many use this style to darken their hair, it doesn’t have to be the case. I actually find my hair can look blonder with some darker pieces.  The dimension can give just enough contrast to pop those blond pieces. Whatever your reasons for choosing lowlights, if done well, you won’t be disappointed.