For as long as women have been coloring their hair, there has been one major faux pas: roots.  Ladies were expected to have perfectly colored hair with no trace of their natural hair color at all times (and find a way to do it without spending too much time or money at the salon.)  Growing out your hair color was a VERY unseemly look. Then Khloe Kardashian happened.

Ombre is defined as having colors or tones that shade into each other.  In the hair world, it’s when you only color the middle to ends of your hair. Essentially, it looks like you’ve been growing your hair out for a very long time.  While ombre can be any transition of color (I rocked an awesome blond to purple ombre for quite some time), the most popular was medium brown to blond, which gave the effect of growing out sun-kissed highlights.

Unfortunately, like fashion trends, it cannot stay in style forever.  Fortunately, unlike fashion trends, you don’t have to start from scratch once it’s over.  It’s all about the tweaking.  Instead of bleaching out your ends, go for a softer, light brown look on the bottom. It will not only look great for fall, it will cause way less damage to your ends. If you loved the lighter look, go for some golden honey highlights or an allover color a few shades lighter than your natural color.  Or just keep rocking that ombre you love so much.  Who needs to keep up with Kardashians anyways?