Whenever I tell people that I am a wedding hairdresser, the first thing they always ask is how I deal with brides.  Honestly, I wouldn’t say I have to “deal” with them at all. Nine times out of ten, we’ve done a trial and already established a comfort level, so it’s a piece of cake. Moms on the other hand…Moms get nervous. They’ve usually been going to the same hairdresser forever, know exactly what they want and are very skeptical of anyone new. I’m not saying they’re difficult by any means, usually the opposite….just terrified I’m going to give them a prom updo or make them look old. For all you MOB’s and MOG’s out there, here are some tips to ensuring a great style:

  1. Don’t over”updo” it.  Sometimes the best style is the simplest style. A great blowout with a little curl can be the perfect compliment to your style.  Don’t assume that you need to have some fancy updo just because the wedding is fancy. Let your dress and makeup do some of the work too.
  2. Keep it low. While this is not always the case, low styles are usually much more flattering for mature women. This goes hand in hand with not making you look like you’re going to the prom. It keeps it natural and doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.
  3. Go in with an open mind. You hear the word braid and automatically assume it’s going to be a flower girl style. But if you have a stylist who knows what she’s doing, you will find braids or twists can actually be quite beautiful and very age-appropriate.
  4. Have a trial of your own. There’s no law that says trials are for brides only. If you are nervous, it can’t hurt to try out a style of your own ahead of time. That being said, don’t assume you can jump in on your daughter’s (or daughter-in-law’s) trial run. Mention you would like to have one of your own and leave it up to her to invite you along if she’s cool with it.
  5. Bring pictures. Any kind of pictures. Pictures from the internet, pictures of Jane Fonda, pictures of you from a time you liked your own hair. Volume to me can be very different than volume to you and pretty much the most foolproof way to get your point across is to let the stylist see for themselves.

On that note, I’m going to leave you with some of our favorite mom styles over the years: