With summer around the corner, it’s more important than ever to take care of your hair. Here are some tips for keeping it looking fab through the warmer months:

Keep it clean!

Adult woman washing head
You know how your skin can feel a little extra grimy in the summer with all that time spent outside? Your hair falls victim to that as well. While you may not need to wash it every day unless you find it extra sensitive to grease, it is important to wash it a little more often. Pay attention to how it feels when you wash it also, if you find it isn’t lathering during the first shampoo or you haven’t washed it in a few days, give it a second scrub. This can help prevent your skin from breaking out as well.

Heat can be your friend
Take advantage of that time out in the sun! Throw a deep conditioning treatment (or natural home remedy, such as coconut oil) in it before you lay out. The heat will open up that cuticle, allowing maximum impact.

Cover up
In the same way you wouldn’t leave the house in July without sunscreen, you shouldn’t head out without some kind of protectant on your hair as well. A thermal protectant is best, although even putting some leave in conditioner is better than nothing.

Keep it natural
Avoid products that will dry out your hair, usually those containing alcohol or ethanol. Stick with anything using natural ingrediants.

It ain’t easy being green

By the time you hit your early twenties, most girls have either fallen victim to a greenish chlorine tint from the pool or know someone who has. What you may not know is that the pool can be just as damaging to all kinds of hair, colored or not. While throwing some conditioner in it before jumping in is ideal, at the very least get your hair wet by non chlorinated water beforehand. Hair can only absorb so much water, so this will act as a barrier from the harmful chemicals.

Rock it natural
One of the biggest advantages of summer is how great your hair can look with little to no effort. Ditch the straightener and try out a diffuser. Diffusers can be a little scary but they are really easy to work. Just add the attachment to the end of your dryer and hold your hair on top of it while drying on a low setting to prevent frizz. Curls will look better if you refrain from brushing them out afterwards.

Curl Enhance
If you love the way your hair looks after a beach day but can’t make it to the ocean, curl enhancers are a godsend. If you don’t have the a good trick is to take an 8 oz. bottle of water and add 1-2 tsp. of finely ground sea salt, a squeeze of conditioner and a little hair gel or styling cream. Shake to combine and use on damp hair. The conditioner will add moisture and the gel/styling cream will add some hold for your curls.