As someone who loves their birthday a lot more than the average person, I can’t imagine anything more heartbreaking than having to spend it in the hospital. When I heard about The Confetti Foundation, an non-profit organization that provides birthday party starter kits for hospitalized children, I knew that I wanted to get involved. As luck would have it, they were hosting a Princess Party Fundraiser and in need of hair and makeup “Fairy Godmothers,” which could not be more in my wheelhouse.

The event was SO adorable. Groups of little princesses came through the “Beauty Parlor” every half hour or so, getting the style of their choice, a little makeup and a touch of glitter, as well as some fine jewels. Once they were ready for court, it was off to the Royal Ballroom to meet the Princesses. The ladies of Simply Enchanted were phenomenal and made the whole experience unforgettable. After that, everyone was able to peruse the royal marketplace and have some light snacks.

The event was a huge hit, so there will be many happy birthday boys and girls in the future. As amazing as that is, the thing that struck me the most was how happy everyone was to be there. I’ve never been a part of a fundraiser where the people volunteering and donating were as excited as those who benefited from it, but that is part of what makes The Confetti Foundation so special. If you are interested in helping out (there are all kinds of opportunities that don’t involve braiding), check out their website for more information:

Every Princess needs to be fully accessorized!

The Confetti Foundation  The Confetti Foundation  The Confetti Foundation  The Confetti Foundation

The Confetti Foundation