Today was a very exciting day here at Eden XO! We hosted our very first children’s  (joint) birthday party and boy, was it a hit!!

For Samara’s 6th and Chase’s 7th birthday, they wanted to do something a little different than your run of the mill party. Upon entering the salon (filled with balloons, small bite snacks and the latest KidzBop tunes playing on the radio), these little ladies were treated to a gift bag filled with beauty products, while they dressed in butterfly wings, crowns, and a few other items fit for a princess. One by one, they all got their hair curled to perfection by our stylist Liz while the others got their makeup & glitter nails done by Sally Ann.

As with any great birthday party, it was time for a VERY intense dance-off to “Call Me Maybe”.  Once a winner was declared, we went outside, gave each of the girls a balloon and told them to make a wish.  After they were done, everyone released their balloons and wishes into the sky.  To quote Samara, “This is the best birthday party ever!!!” Well, Samara…we completely agree!