From the beginning,… whether it’s for Volume or Straight, for Split ends or Dehydration, for Coarse, Dull or Hair that’s Lacking Shine.. it all starts with Shampoo and Conditioning best suited for your hair type! Our choice for every client is to begin from the beginning and to make it count!! This is where we welcome you to the world of Prive’, Hollywood’s Choice for Apothecary Hair Care. These authentic herbal blends personally developed by brilliant stylemaker, visionary & legend Laurent D, provides extraordinary benefits to each Prive’ cleansing, conditioning, styling & finishing formulas. These same products are the tools used by Laurent when creating magic on Hollywood’s most fashionable starlets, or backstage at fashion week…. now,  let ‘s do the same for you!

We want to give you the ability to create your own fantastic looking hair. XO