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Eden XO is a minimalistic space, where clients, both men and women alike, can escape the rush of everyday life. Leaving guests feeling relaxed and refreshed in it’s cool, yet unpretentious vibe, each clients experience is individual. Whether it be a single service appointment, or an Eden XO Special Event in your honor, it’s all about the client.

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Hairdressing Industry notes: - Everyone works hard at what they do, but one of the big things in Hairdressing is Commitment!!
Once you commit to working hard, be proud of that....
Don't allow others to discourage you from your commitment to your craft!! Always realize It's constant self promotion in order to get people to want to come visit you in the salon, as you continue to keep yourself growing!! YOU are your brand!!

You never want to slip into thinking that the owner of the salon is responsible for your Success, that's just not true! The owner is responsible to give you a good safe environment to work in, as well as opportunity, teaching you their tricks & tools toward helping you to perfect your craft, inspiring you to stay creative, a step above all the rest!!
While there are lots of good hairdressers out there, always know that Great is separate from that!! It's up to each of us individually, as a hairdresser to keep learning, growing & self promoting!! The industry is a constant journey that's forever changing!! WE are the ones that create color, haircuts, styles and looks for salon clients, editorial and press.
To all of those young hairdressers just entering the industry, you're in for a real treat, while always knowing Hard work pays off!! So Hang in there, practice practice practice makes perfect,... Watch, Listen & stay forever Learning 🧐
Never let your fire die, Stay re-fired & Ready at all times, it's the BEST industry on the planet, forever changing, forever growing, forever inspiring! As an artist, you are your Brand 👌 #StayInspired #stayThankful #KeepLearning #PracticeAlways #HardWorkPaysOff #StayEncouraged
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Eden XO Salon·Beauty·BeautifulThings - here’s a couple of today’s Beauties celebrating special friends & weddings in Newport and there’s always some dude trying to get up close and personal 🤷🏼‍♀️🍾🎉❌⭕️ #hesNotstupid #EdenXObabes ... See MoreSee Less

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Eden XO added 2 new photos.
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We're so captivated by this technique we'll be no doubt playing with this all summer long, creating imprints of color one more divine that the last! Here we simply trialed the technique with spray color lasting till next shampoo- The true imprinted impact will blow your mind as it's used to the liking of your personal individuality with a design effect to the hair seeing color in a different way!! A metal stencil with an exclusive & distinct pattern design allows this optical illusion increasing the chicness & elegance for everyone who wants to make it their own -🎨❌⭕️ #letsmakeityours at Eden XO Salon·Beauty·BeautifulThings ... See MoreSee Less

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