bridal styles - resembling comparisons most brides love to show us :)) XO

bridal styles – resembling comparisons most brides love to show us :)) XO

Thanks to living in the age of Pinterest, hairdressers see a lot of the same photos for inspiration each season. It might sound boring, but luckily right now the trendy styles also happen to be really gorgeous and flattering. So gorgeous, in fact, that I decided to do a more detailed post on each of the most popular styles right now. First up is my absolute favorite, a slightly off-centered loose updo.

I love this style because it looks amazing on virtually everybody. Having it slightly off center allows your hair to have the detail of an updo while still being shown from the front. It tends to tone down the trendiness of a side updo, and allows for some truly stunning hair accessories.

This style may be for you if you:
-Love wearing your hair down but want to wear it up
-Hate smooth, slick, sleek hairstyles
-Okay with having a lot of texture around your face

This style may not be for you if you:
-Like a cleaner style
-Want something more uniform

These are a few of the most common pictures we get:


And here are some of our interpretations:



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